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Digital Hygrometer ITH-20

  • ITH-20 digital indoor thermometer and hygrometer, temperature and humidity gauge is very convenient unit that can simultaneous display of temperature and humidity.
  • It can memorize maximum and minimum values of temperature and humidity and switch between °C and °F mode. Suitable for household, guitar case, green house, office, labs and etc.
  • The display has accurate, reliable temperature and humidity readings. The simple, visual LCD screen shows the current temperature and humidity.


  • Comfort indicator】LCD display screen divide into two parts- temperature and humidity; Humidity Meter with humidity level icon indicates air conditions -- DRY/COMFORT/WET, which indicates High/Ideal/Low Air Conditions in your room.Monitor family living conditions and health.
  • Two Mounting Options】Tabletop and wall-mountable design, convenient mounting feature for every type of room, which is widely applied to baby room, bedroom, home, nursery, hatchery cellar, basement, warehouse and greenhouse.
  • High reliability & accuracy】Dimensions: 64mmx75mmx20mm,Temperature Measurement Range:-10℃~50℃ (14°F~122°F)Humidity Measurement Range:10%~99%,Temperature and humidity sampling period:10 seconds.
  • Easy Operation】3 buttons on the back [LCD ON/OFF].[CLEAR] press and hold CLEAR key for 2 seconds to clear the memory of MIN/MAX date; [℉/℃]key to switch ℉/℃(Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius freely). It is powered by 2 x AAA batteries(excluded) low power consumption.
  • COMFORT】The temperature range is 20°C~30°C/ 68°F~86°F, the relative humidity is (40~70 )% RH


  • Temperature Measurement Range: -10℃~50℃ /14°F~122°F
  • Humidity Measurement Range:10%~99%,Humidity Display Accuracy:1%
  • Temperature Display Accuracy:0.1℃ /0.1°F
  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy:±1.0℃
  • Humidity Measurement Accuracy:±5%
  • Dimensions: 64mm x 75mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 47g
  • Temperature and humidity sampling period:10 seconds
  • Out of range display "HH.H”or“LL.L”,sensor Error,display“-- -- .--”
  • Dimensions: 64mmx75mmx20mm
  • Battery: 2xAAA (no included)
  • Real-time temperature and humidity display, MAX/MIN displays on the same screen
  • LCD: can be turned off
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • (DRY): Relative humidity below 40% RH at any temperature
  • (COMFORT): The temperature range is (20 ~ 30 )℃ the relative humidity is (40 ~ 70 )% RH
  • (WET):Relative humidity above 70% RH at any temperature
  • Two ways of placing, the first one has hanging design , easy to hang on the wall, easy to read. The second has back holder placed on the desktop, lightweight and simply.
  • And the battery is replaceable.

Package Included:
1 x ITH-20
1 x Manual



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